What is Japandi Style and How to Incorporate Into Your Home

Updated: Sep 17

What is Japandi Interior style?

Japandi is an interior style that works like a perfect marriage between simplicity and nature with the common interest of minimalism. Bringing the best from two different sides of the globe - Scandinavia and Japan, to one calming fusion called Japandi or Scandi-Japanese style.

Could this be the winning combo when it comes to mixing two styles? Minimalist functional design with a sprinkle of stylish decor pieces rather than abundance of decor.

First time I came across Japandi I thought, of course, these are two designs speak to each other on so many levels. Scandinavian is bringing simplicity through the lines of architecture and cosy, uncluttered decor, whilst the Japanese style is all about calming, elegant minimalism. These two are just meant to be together.

Japandi Key Elements:

  • Clean lines.

  • Functional minimal furniture.

  • Decluttered space.

  • Natural materials.

  • Combination of contrasting colours like pearl grey, sky blue, natural wood in dark and light shade, a hint of black, pale pink and white.

  • Functional accessories.

Japandi is heavily focused on simplicity, creating a peaceful and warm environment with a minimalist layout.

how to implement Japandi style at home
Example of Japandi Infusion: simple organic shapes, natural materials, warm neutral colours.

How to Incorporate Japandi into Your Home

1) Walls - choose neutral colours which better reflect daylight through space.

Apply subtle colours with soft brushed effect wallpaper. See more on bobbibeck.com.

2) Japandi Furniture

Choose neutral fabrics like beige, off white or muted grey, natural wood tones and simple shapes. Here are a few beautiful pieces that fit perfectly Japandi aesthetic:

Coffee Table

Live edge coffee table entirely handmade using sustainably sourced oak. You can get your bespoke piece on Etsy.

Another live edge organic shaped side table fitting perfectly Japandi style. Made to last using high quality sustainably sourced Oak. Order your side table on Etsy.


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Japandi Style Bed

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