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Sustainable Breakfast Nook Design

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Eco-Friendly Breakfast Nook Design
Eco-Friendly Breakfast Nook Design

I absolutely loved designing the Sustainable breakfast nook, I enjoyed the entire process - from imagining the space, sourcing the Eco products to putting it all together in one cohesive dining corner. The plan was to feel cosy and filled with natural materials like wood, linen and jute. Once I had the table and chairs sorted, I already saw myself sitting there, sipping morning coffee while looking through the window. :)

About The Design

Knowing there are so many beautiful sustainable home decor pieces just within the Green Makers Community, it was so easy to get inspired. Firstly I spotted this beautiful handmade dining table by KONK, and that was a perfect starting point, with the large piece of furniture already sorted.

The second piece of inspiration was the stonewashed linen curtains I found on Etsy. Usually, I would leave the curtains for the very end, but these were hard to resist. The remaining decor started falling into place so naturally, and before I knew it, I had everything I needed for a perfect little breakfast nook.

What You'll Need For a Sustainable Breakfast Nook Decor:

1) Sustainable Oak 'A Frame' Dining Table | KONK