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Rattan Furniture Trend Nailing That Natural Effortless Look

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Have you noticed Rattan Trend blooming all over social? I don't usually write too much about trends because I believe you should decorate with whatever makes you feel good, instead of blindly following what's hot. When it comes to Rattan furniture, it's probably one of those trends it's hard to imagine it will ever go out of style.

Here Is Why You Should Choose Rattan Furniture

It's Eco Friendly - Rattan is a naturally renewable palm that grows pretty fast - over 2 centimetres per day, which makes it an environmentally friendly and completely sustainable product. Rattan furniture is actually advantageous to the soil as it's biodegradable.

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Extremely Versatile - a broad spectrum of earthy colours, make Rattan furniture a perfect match to almost any interior style.

It's Lightweight - not the first thing on your mind when shopping for Rattan furniture, but once you start moving it around your home, you'd be grateful for its light structure.

Weatherproof - Rattan is very resistant to rain, snow, frost, you name it. Typically quality outdoor furniture is made with powder-coated aluminium frames - that doesn't rust over time, it means your Rattan furniture will have a longer life.

Natural Mood Booster - having a view of nature and natural materials (such as Rattan) in your home has been proven to significantly increase your mood and reduce stress levels.

Ways to Include Rattan Furniture Into Your Home:


Rattan furniture in kitchen