Makeup Vanity Ideas for small Spaces

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Remember those days when all you needed was one drawer to fit your everyday makeup. With the beauty industry booming, it's safe to say those days are a long time gone. Makeup became a big part of our daily routine and for some of you a way to express your creativity. Either way, it deserves a little corner in your home.

But what do you do when you live in a small space and you collected enough makeup to fit almost one wardrobe? I know you are out there, I see you. 😊 Don't worry, there is a solution for you too - stop buying so much makeup (just kidding). What you will need is a clever way to store all of your stuff without cluttering the space. Here are some important steps explaining what you'll need to do to get your makeup desk perfect:

Choosing the right corner for your makeup desk

If you really don't want to walk around like you're ready for a Halloween, make sure you pick the right spot for your desk. Normally it's where you get a good amount of natural light. Not only you will see if the foundation is actually matching your neck, but you don't really have to spend any extra money on a professional makeup light straight away. Very often that corner that is next to your bedroom window. You want the light to be in front of you rather than behind.

Pick the correct size makeup vanity table

Before you start looking for a desk, make sure you measure the space. I know it's not that fun activity to do but believe me it's crucial.

Only by measuring you will know:

  • how much space it's actually taking

  • can you walk around the desk on each side

  • can you access the window, bed ...or whatever might be in your way

  • do you have enough room to add a chair

  • if you are placing it right in from of the window, make sure you leave enough space to allow your windows to open (this is of course in case it swings towards inside). I would suggest having your vanity next to the window instead, it's just more practical, but it's really up to you to make that decision.

Take a look at some of my favourite Makeup Vanity tables:

Makeup Vanity Ideas for small Spaces, Barbulianno

If you fancy any:

1. Chic French Antique Cream Dressing Table & Stool - Etsy

2. Uli Dressing Table Set with Mirror - Wayfair

3. ARLETTE Painted Solid Hardwood Dressing Table - Oak Furnitureland

4. MICKE Desk - IKEA

5. MALM Dressing table - IKEA


Chair hunting time

Now that we measured and placed the desk, it's time to choose that cosy, stylish and the most comfortable chair. Because let's face it - some of us spend a good portion of the day seating right there. This is not like choosing an office chair..noooo. This chair needs to be pretty. The best way to give a signature to the whole look and show off your style is by choosing the right chair for you.

Something to get you inspired:

top 5 makeup vanity chairs

If you fancy any:

1. Cynthia Petite Accent Chair - Anthropologie

2. Marialle Ikat Chair - Anthropologie

3. Swoon Rousseau Occasional Chair, Navy - Exclusive to John Lewis & Partners

4. Camilla Swivel Desk Chair - Anthropologie

5. Duhome Chair Fabric (Velvet) Green - Amazon


Time to separate with an Area Rug

The best way to visually divide a space is an area rug. Before making a purchase I suggest to measure how much of a room you would like it to take. It can be bigger if you wish, just be careful so it doesn't take too much of a space and it overpowers the bedroom. The rug should be big enough when you pull out the chair and the legs are still on the surface of the rug. Anything smaller than that just won't visually divide the room as nicely.

Choose your favourite:

top 5 area rugs makeup corner

If you fancy any:

1. Charcoal Hand-Printed Stonewashed Cotton Rug - Natural Collection

2. Hand-Tufted Biba Rug - Anthropologie

3. ASHOKA Hand Tufted Indian Wool Rug - Natural Collection

4. Rothko Mud Abstract Area Rug - Etsy

5. Akimbo 5 Rug – 100% Silk Lulu Weave - Eskayel


Good size Mirror

A good size indicator will be your make up desk. You want it to be wide enough but not wider than the desk. Also, something to pay attention to is the height of the mirror when installing it (make sure it's in line with your face when sitting down).

Some of my faves:

the best makeup mirrors by Barbulianno

If you fancy any:

1. Camillia Portrait Mirror - Anthropologie

2. Dressing Table Mirror With Brass Frame - Natural Collection

3. Rococo by Casa Chic - Amazon

4. Vintage Table Top Mirror Oval Vanity - Etsy

5. Rabbit Wooded Manor Mirror - Anthropologie