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Transform Your Entryway Completely With Sustainable Home Decor

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Who cares what's the weather like when you have spring vibes at home. Is there a better way to link your outdoor and indoor than splashing a blossom wonderland at the entryway? I don't think so.

Four important factors for me when designing:

  • happiness

  • sustainability

  • functionality

  • aesthetic

This is the only relationship where compromise is not an option :). We are so lucky to have wonderful makers with great taste and ethos. Thanks to them I was able to put together this beautiful design (if I do say so myself :).

About The Design

I would suggest starting with the wallpaper. I removed diagonally left corner of the wallpaper and painted the gap with matching paint to allow the coat hanger to pop.

Next thing - find your favourite couple of birds and hang the shelf so it looks like they are sitting right on top of it.

To have it aesthetically more pleasing - naturally, the console takes the less busy corner, making sure it's not sitting just in front of the doors. Instead of a bench or a chair, I decided to get this cute Beeble Pouffe by Tom Raffield that can be easily tucked away when not in use.

All the pieces from floor to ceiling are sustainable and designed with care every step of the way. If you fancy any items here is where to source and total approximate budget: