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19 Eco-Friendly Home Decor Brands You Should Know

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

I saw a documentary the other day – Our Planet: Our Business on WWF and it made me think (I recommend you to watch this video). We are in control of our planet like never before – we decide on our and our children’s future. So, what can we do to help our only home - Planet Earth?

Eco-friendly interior design focuses on improving indoor air quality as well as reducing the impact that furniture/decor purchases have on the environment. As a result, they contribute to lower air pollution in the environment and reduce the risk of health problems.

We are already buying sustainable clothes and food …so why not home decor too? Fortunately, there are amazing brands offering beautiful Eco friendly designs.

19 Eco-Friendly Home Decor Brands For a Greener Home

1. Armadillo & Co


Based In: USA and Australia & New Zealand

Product Range: Rugs, Decor

Each rug is made by hand from natural and sustainable fibres, using Fair Trade practices.

Their Vision: " We fervently believe in the cornerstones of our brand. Our commitment to social responsibility, sustainable practices and to helping to support the community of artisans who hand make all of our products is what separates us from traditional rug manufacturers and retailers."