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25 Best Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts On a Budget

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

25 Best Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts On a Budget

If you would you like to minimise the spend and the environmental footprint, but still get a fantastic gift for your loved ones this Christmas, then you're in the right place.

Christmas is all about being kind to each other, but very often we fail to remember our mother earth. The environmental clock it's ticking, and it's about time to include the needs of Earth before hitting that "buy" button. Get your dear ones a gift that even if they don't end up using, can easily recycle it.

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25 Best Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts On a Budget

1. Zero-Waste Starter Kit by WAKEcup, Wearth London

The ultimate zero waste starter kit for anyone looking to reduce the amount of single use plastic. Perfect for work lunch pack or picnic joy. Get the zero waste gift set on

2. Mama 'Me Time' Self Care Kit by Moksa, Wearth London

Well deserved self-care gift pack for any new mum. Consisting from nourishing vegan-friendly products such: Lavender & Chamomile Cleansing Oil, Lavender & Mandarin Calming Mist, Bump Balm, Amala Facial Oil and Organic Cotton Cleansing Cloth. Get the Mama Self Care Kit on

3. Eco-Friendly Multifunctional Bag, URBAG

Eco Christmas Gift - multifunctional bag, that acts as as garment, laundry and storage bag.

This environmentally friendly bag has multipurpose as stylish storage, laundry bag, or a duffle bag convenient for travelling. By getting this stylish bag you are helping URBAG fight plastic pollution. Learn more at

4. Vegan Online Cooking Courses For All Levels - Gift Card, Veecoco

Surprise your loved ones with 1, 3, 6 or 12 months access to over 600 vegan cooking lessons. Learn from professionals how to prepare vegan food that looks and tastes fantastic. From mouth-watering desserts, vegan pastries, classic Italian meals, vegan swiss chocolate to vegan Thai, you name it. The beauty of these courses is accessibility any time anywhere. So your meals will never be boring again.

Get the gift card on

5. Plant Propagation Station

Propagation Station is a perfect gift for a plant parent or anyone seeking to bring a little piece of nature indoors. Fill the bulbs with water, insert your plant cuttings and watch them grow! Get the gift at our Green Shop.

6. Gin Making Kit, Amazon

Make your gin at home in under a week! The kit includes juniper berries and spices, an eco-friendly filter bag, kraft paper bottle tags and a testing pipette. Get the gin kit on Amazon.

7. Customisable Eco Silver Good Intentions Cuff, Wearth London

Eco friendly silver cuff bracelet handmade in the UK by ethical jewellery designer, Kate Wainwright. You can choose to have your own personalised good intention on the bracelet, making these a truly unique eco gift for a loved one or perhaps to treat yourself. Get the cuff at Wearth London.

8. Handcrafted Soy Wax Candle Gift Box, Etsy

Eco Friendly Gift Box includes 1x 40 hour candle and wax melt bar of your choice in a hand stamped reusable bag. Handmade by small UK based business. It comes in 100% recyclable box. Get the gift set on Etsy.

9. Coconut Bowls Family Set, Jungle Culture

Coconut bowls are handcrafted by local artisans in rural Vietnam. Each set comes equipped with 4 beautiful natural wooden spoons, 2 bamboo straws, 2 coconut fibre straw cleaning brushes and matching natural jute straw sleeves. Perfect for a vegan treat! Check it out on

10. Vegan Leather Herb Pots, Etsy

Perfect for anyone who enjoys cooking with fresh herbs. These vegan leather pots will undoubtedly complete the herb garden. So choose your style and create the cutes herb garden—dispatches from a small business in the UK. Get the pot holders on Etsy.

11. Plant a Tree and Name It with Click a Tree

Plant a tree and name it - as a perfect Eco gift.

Choose your preferred project, plant a tree and name it. By planting trees, you are helping prevent soil erosion, protect animal habitats and smaller plants. You are also creating employment for communities in need. And you can do it in a matter of few clicks. Plant a tree today.

12. Handmade Vegan Shower Set For Him, Etsy

This shower hamper makes a great Christmas gift for him or self care treat. Optional personalisation included. All the items are 100% vegan and cruelty free, containing the highest quality ingredients - no palm oil, sls or parabens, for a luxurious and green shower experience. Shop the gift on Etsy.

13. Natural Bamboo Drinking Cups, Jungle Culture

Such elegant handmade bamboo cups. Made from a single piece of organic bamboo and polished to create the perfect smoothie experience. Get the cups on

14. 3D Printed Plant Pots, Etsy

Perfect for adding a splash of colour to any interior. The pots are made from PLA filament - a vegetable/plant-based plastic material, which is non-toxic and biodegradable. Great for succulents and indoor plants. Check the price on Etsy.

15. Fiddle Leaf Fig, Foli8

Gift your loved ones a leafy green friend in a compostable eco friendly pot. Shop the plant at

16. Soy Wax Scented Candles, Amazon

Candles are made from soya wax and organic cotton wicks. Great for yoga, relaxation or creating cosy atmosphere for your guests. Get the candles on Amazon.

17. Personalised Make Your Own Face Mask, Wearth London

Send a big hug to a loved one with this fun, eco-friendly pampering gift box full of all the goodies needed to create their very own all natural, super relaxing face masks.

In a few simple steps they’ll be able to enjoy intensely moisturising coconut oil, antioxidant rich cacao powder, nutrient dense maca and deeply cleansing bentonite clay. Check the price at

18. Vegan Baked Dark & White Chocolate Doughnuts Gift Box, Wearth London

Squishy, moist and fluffy doughnuts, baked to perfection. These vegan treats are covered with homemade glaze and dressed with nuts, sprinkled with beautiful and delicate dried edible flower petals. Choose your preferred glaze: dark chocolate and vanilla and white chocolate. All doughnuts are handmade from scratch in the UK. Order doughnuts at Wearth London.

19. Soy Wax Coco Shell Candle, Jungle Culture

Rich in creamy texture relaxing aroma, these candles are ethically sourced and hand-poured using organic soy wax infused with essential oils. Every ingredient is planet-friendly. Get the candle at Jungle Culture.

20. Fair Trade Banana Yarn Scarf, Etsy

Soft and cosy made from sustainable banana fibre that is produced from the waste foliage of the banana plant, grown in South Nepal, and azo-free dyes. Dispatches from a small business in the UK. Check it out on Etsy.

21. Cork Bowl Glass Storage Jar

Beautiful clear glass storage jar with cork ball lid. Perfect for storing all sorts: spices, make up or craft items. Personalise the jar labels on Etsy.

22. Linen kids apron by Magic Linen, Etsy

Made from 100 % European linen, OEKO-TEX certified (absent of harmful chemicals), this soft minimal apron makes the perfect gift for your little ones. Order aprons on Etsy.

23. Japanese Cross Back Linen Apron by Magic Linen, Etsy

Treat yourself - and get your own linen apron. Set yourself up for cooking and garden adventures. Get the treat on Etsy.

24. Softened Linen Throw Blanket by My Dear Linen, Etsy

25. 100% Mongolian Wool Dog Sweater, Etsy

Your four-legged friend deserves the best of the best. Hand-knitted sweaters from the Himalayan region of Kathmandu, Nepal, using the highest quality Mongolian wool and chemical-free Swiss dyes. Sweaters are handmade from start to finish using the highest quality wool, chemical-free dyes. As a result, the entire making process has a minimal or zero carbon footprint. Shop on Etsy.


How to Manage Your Shopping Budget

1. Set the realistic budget.

All you need to do is set the budget and stick to it. The easiest way to keep track of your spending is to create a simple excel spreadsheet. Shopping online is also a great way to keep the shopping under control and rethink the impulse buy.

2. Get the fave list.

Once you have your budget sorted, it's time to have a browse through shops like Etsy, Nkuku, Sostrene Green, Natural Collection and get your creative juice flowing. Don't forget to save your favourites.

3. Use the calculator.

I know, who likes to do maths when shopping, right? But believe me, having that calculator on and adding every little spend, you'd surprised how much it helps.


If you haven't found your favourite gift just yet, take a look at other options at TOP Eco - Friendly Decor picks.

Have a wonderful holiday season filled with laughter and good food! :)


Barbulianno x

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