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Eco-Friendly Minimalist Kitchen and How to Get the Look

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

If you’re looking to go green in your home, the kitchen is a great place to start. There are many ways you can incorporate Eco-friendly elements into your kitchen and I've put together some minimalist budget-friendly ideas for you. Achieving green vibes is actually quite easy, all you need to bring in are carefully selected a few key items. Something that says natural and organic by its shape, colour, material and feel.


Minimalist Eco-Friendly Kitchen Decor

I've carefully selected these beautiful handmade Eco-friendly products from artisans selling on Etsy. As you might already know, Barbulianno is heavily supporting home decor makers with unique products and great ethos.

You would be surprised how big is the impact just by adding nine Eco-friendly items to the kitchen. You could also pick a few of your favourites and still transform the feel & the look majorly:

1. Wooden Teak Plates And Bowls | Wild Mizuna | Etsy

Nothing says natural and Eco-friendly more than a wooden style dishes. I absolutely loooove the contrast between the wooden bowl and a salad. Any food in a wooden dish simple by default looks more healthy. It works with a burger too ;).

The Maker says: "These lovely wooden plates and bowls are carefully hand carved by skilled craftsmen who work with the grain of this beautiful sustainable teak wood to create finish which is both beautiful to touch and to look at."

2. Handmade Japanese Cross Back Apron | Magic Linen | Etsy

Let’s be honest — what you wear in the kitchen doesn’t really matter, but at least one cute apron in your household is a must. If you don’t fancy wearing it each time you cook, save it for a special occasion “dress to impress” kinda cooking, when you completely ruin the whole meal but hey, at least you look cute (I’ve been there on several occasions, oops). I really like this Japanese cross back apron design where you don’t have to adjust anything, but simply put it on in few seconds and you’re good to go.

The Maker says: "Cook, garden, grill, do some fun experiments around the house - this cross back apron will accompany you on any adventure. Stylish and functional, washed for softness, this japan apron features two front pockets and is easy to put on due to the cross back construction."

3. Sustainable Wooden Utensil Set | Rustic Flitch | Etsy

Not too keen on cooking or you're happy with the utensils you've got? How about hanging these wooden beauties on the wall as a decorative piece. Somewhere near the potted herbs would be a good spot, just to tie in the whole natural look. 

The Maker says: "We only use wood from very old olive trees that have come to the end of their natural fruiting life and have already been replaced with younger, more productive trees."

4. Sustainable Bread Linen Bag | Magic Linen | Etsy

Could bread get cuter storage? Love this minimalist sustainable linen bag - easy to wash, looks adorable and you can simply hang it anywhere in your kitchen.

The Maker says: "An easy and sustainable solution to keeping your bread and other bakes fresh for much longer. Natural linen bread bags are breathable and moisture-wicking, meaning they move moisture around faster and don't let your bread go stale."

5. Eco-Friendly Atlas Cork Planter | Mind the Cork | Etsy

Can one article be without me mentioning the greenery, you might wonder.. I'm afraid not. But hey, how about this cute planter entirely made of cork. Did you know the cork tree is not cut down to obtain cork, only the bark is stripped to harvest the cork and the tree continues to grow, which makes is one of the most popular Eco-Friendly and sustainable materials.

The Maker says: "A beautifully crafted natural cork planter, just the perfect size for small cacti and succulents.The cork planters are a brilliant house warming gift or even a “new job, new desk” gift!"

6. Sustainable Linen Napkins | Magic Linen | Etsy

One of the important parts of going green is to get reusable long-lasting items. In that way, you are reducing the waste going back to the landfill. These reusable napkins are made from natural linen, which makes it really easy to maintain.

The Maker says: "Amazingly soft and pure linen napkins. A lovely addition to your table linens that will fit any occasion: from elegant birthday parties to formal events or even daily use on your dining table."

7. Natural Linen Tablecloth | Not Perfect Linen | Etsy

A table set up is not completed without a tablecloth. A piece of linen that impacts thoroughly the whole look. This simple design, handmade tablecloth made from natural linen fits well almost any style, but especially farmhouse and Scandinavian interior.

What the Maker says: "What makes the perfect table? Good friends, good food, a simple setting, and a touch of linen. The tablecloth Made from OEKO - TEX Standard 100 certified European linen fabric which guarantees you that it meets human - ecological requirements."

8. Amber Glass Soap Dispenser | Kuishi Home | Etsy

Multi-functional glass soap dispenser gives that expensive look to any kitchen. Change the label style from time to time and there you have it - brand new dispenser. Another great way to reduce plastic usage and enjoy aesthetics too.

The Maker says:"Beautiful and minimal, clean aesthetics help to declutter and reduce the use of plastics in your home. Made from recycled glass."

9. Zero Waste Reusable Linen Produce Bags | Magic Linen | Etsy

Earth-conscious kitchen without an Eco-friendly reusable produce bag just doesn't exist. I think that's one of the first steps most of the people take when going green. I see more and more people using them and it makes me really happy. It's really not that hard, and it actually saves you money too. If you don't have one already check out this minimal linen bags from Magic Linen.

The Maker says: "OEKO-TEX certified white linen produce bags will become irreplaceable when it comes to grocery shopping. Perfect for keeping your veggies, fruit and other products in one place and out of plastic."

If you fancy the design - the Total Budget is approx. £240/$295/€270 (for all the items).

​​Love Eco-Friendly decor? Take a look at some of my favourite Top Eco - friendly Home Decor picks and choose yours.​ 

As you can see changing your kitchen towards greener side is simple and budget-friendly too. What will you change in your kitchen? If you have a really cool idea you would like to share with the Green Creative Community, feel free to email me on and I'll be happy to add to the related article (sharing is caring).

Thanks for reading! x

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