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10 Ways To Transform Your Bathroom Into A Home Spa

10 Ways To Transform Your Bathroom Into A Home Spa

Is there anything more relaxing than sinking into a warm bath after a long stressful day at work? A zen space can help ease your stress and anxiety. It evokes a feeling of calm and tranquillity.

Even the smallest and darkest bathroom begins to feel like a spa by doing a few thoughtful tweaks. The key is knowing what updates are the most effective in transforming your bathroom into a spa-like atmosphere.

10 Ways To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Home Spa

1. Declutter & Organise

A messy bathroom is certainly not the most relaxing one. Before you even start bringing in any new items, do a deep clean and get rid of any clutter around the sink. Get a few storage baskets for all things you don't use daily. And for the ones you do, consider adding a shelf as a beautiful storage display. Use a shower caddy to keep your supplies tidy. Here are a few storage solutions to get you started:

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2. Introduce Texture

Replace your old mat with a new soft bath rug. Your feet deserve to land on a fluffy cloud after a relaxing bath. Get one or two oversized towels and pop them into a woven basket. It will instantly make your bathroom feel cosier and spa-like.

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3. Add Calming Scents

When it comes to achieving a spa feeling in the bathroom, a calming scent is a must. You can do so by adding candles or a diffuser blend. Opt for relaxing scents that evoke a sensual, warm, fresh, luxurious or classy mood.

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4. Incorporate Plants

Plants make any space stress free with minimal efforts. A large potted tree would make a massive impact in a spacious bathroom, whilst in a smaller space - hanging plants or putting them on a stool/shelf is the way to go. Read this post to find out which plants thrive in a windowless bathroom.

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5. Hang A Minimal Shower Curtain

Colourful curtains are sometimes too much distraction for your eyes and can make the room feel busy, whilst curtains with one or two colours bring harmonious and classy vibes to a bathroom. Opt for textured linen-like curtains. Read here about how colours affect our mood.

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6. Accessories With Natural Materials

Nothing says zen more than natural materials. Bring nature in with wood, cane, bamboo, cotton, stone, fresh flowers, wicker. Items like a wood-framed mirror, fresh eucalyptus, wood/stone tray for your daily essentials, stone toothbrush holder, glass reusable soap dispenser, wood/metal ladder for hanging towels, wicker laundry basket.

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7. Stick To White Towels

Crisp white towels will 100% make your bathroom feel like a 5-star sanctuary spa. It's worth investing in a few quality towels to use as décor and not so precious ones for everyday use. Think waffle, fluffy, tassels, organic, eco-friendly.

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8. Upgrade A Light Pendant

Installing a statement piece like a pendant in a bathroom is a good idea as long as it's not too close to water sources. Be sure to measure before buying one. For zen vibes, opt for natural materials like bamboo, rattan, cane, wood or organic fabrics. Take a look at these few sustainable pieces:

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9. Replace The Old Fittings

Upgrade your vanity and shower head to a new sleeker look. For a luxurious spa feel, choose mat back and antique gold (or a combination of the two).

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10. Less is More

Once you start adding bits and pieces, it's easy to go overboard with decor. Instead, style it with purpose. Pop a few cohesive items out and tuck away the rest. Becky's thoughtful design is the perfect example:

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