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6 Creative Ways To Beautify Your Home With Plants

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

6 Creative Ways To Incorporate Plants Into Your Home

I don't call them green friends for nothing. Plants are a big part of my life, ever since childhood, I've been surrounded by an abundance of greenery, and they continue to bring happiness and calmness into my life. There is something extraordinary in seeing your green friends flourish.

I'm a firm believer you can't go overboard with houseplants as long as you can walk freely around your home without tripping over them. Coming from someone who doesn't mind being poked in the eye by the palm tree. :) But no worries, there are safe ways you could beautify your home with plants.

6 Creative Ways to Incorporate Plants Into Your Home

1. Green Shelfie

Incorporate plants into your home via open shelving.

If you have an empty shelf and unsure what to do with it, why not create a dedicated jungle corner? Organise the plants depending on the light and temperature requirements. Or perhaps you have small open shelving. Jazz it up by popping one or two plants on it. I suggest putting one on the top corner and maybe another on the lower opposite corner, and let the foliage trail down. A great choice would be Pothos, English Ivy, Spider Plant, or perhaps a string of hearts.

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