Autumn Inspired Sustainable Living Room Design

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Autumn inspired sustainable living room design
Sustainable Living Room Design

For me, autumn is the best of the seasons. Leaves slowly turning yellow, red, or brown, long walks in nature, warm colours, the smell of wood smoke on a bright afternoon; it makes me feel peaceful and happy. To reflect those feelings throughout the design, I thought I'd create the look that speaks to the seasonal change; late summer merging with early days of autumn.

About the Design...

The Sustainable living room design entirely consists of carefully selected Earth-Friendly, handmade and natural pieces. It shows how easily we could source the items that are not just good for the environment, but uniquely beautiful too.

1) Cranes Wallpaper - Pool | Petronella Hall

It all started with Petronella's Crested Cranes Wallpaper that was just too beautiful to be unnoticed, with its warm colours, it was just the perfect seasonal spin. Colours that bring a hint of classic autumn shades whilst the background holds on to subtle summer vibes.

2) Angel Two Seater Sofa | Adventures in Furniture

Cosy up your seating area with the stylish sustainable sofa and add warmth to the space. It's a perfect spot to snuggle up with a cup of tea.

3) Washed Linen Ruffled Curtain by Magic Linen | Etsy

Another great way to bring nature indoors is to upgrade your windows with a natural fabric curtains. It also gives the living room more polished look.

4) Desert Rug | Armadillo

To tie in the look even further, I picked the natural rug in sleet shade, making sure that design is cohesive.

5) Mullion Floor Light

Following with the season's woodland tones, handcrafted wooden lamp makes the perfect fit. Made of sustainably sourced oak, Eco-friendly shade and natural matt varnish.

6) Sustainable Oak Coffee Table by KONK | Etsy

This sleek handmade coffee table doubles as a storage where you can maybe keep the books, glass placemats or hide your clutter. Made of sustainably sourced oak, a piece that's built to last.

7) Shibori Pillow "Katano", Naturally Dyed | Etsy

The maker:"We hand-dyed this pillow in our indigo vat a minimum of 10 times to create the dynamic combination of deep midnight blues and rustic beige tones that look great from any distance."

8) Vegan Leather Pillow Cover by Busa Designs Decor | Etsy

Nothing says more autumn than a deep cinnamon brown vegan leather cushion.

9) Beeble Pouffe | Tom Raffield

It never hurts to add additional seating. The sustainable pouffe with Biophilic lines connects perfectly with the rest of the space.

10) Affiti Clay Tapered Pot | Nkuku

It is now time to add finishing touches - adding the handmade clay with a raw natural finish and the aged look.

11) Natural Pampas Grass | Etsy