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3 Easy Ways to Include Biophilic Design In Your Home

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Biophilic design represents our native connection with nature, bringing the outdoor elements indoors. It helps us to rewire the bond once created with outdoors, that seems neglected in modern times. Mostly because we spend so much time indoors, at work or at home. We need our space to work for and not against us. Biophilic design brings the elements beyond aesthetics and it's focusing mostly on well-being.

3 Easy Ways to Include Biophilic Design in Your Home

1. The materials and shapes

Carefully selected natural materials like cork, cotton, the sustainable wood, wool, hemp and many more are just some of the options. Choose objects with rich patterns, curved and unusually shaped furniture, anything that replicates nature and its original shapes and textures. Try to avoid straight lines and sharp edges. Read more about Earth-friendly materials here.

2. Most effective layout

Make the layout in the way you can get the most out of it. Take advantage of the outdoor views by placing a dining table closer to the window. Turn the furniture towards the outside world instead of facing indoor walls (for example, your favourite reading sofa). For some of you, it will be your garden, for others, it might as simple as blue skies, but either way, even if you don’t have the view you’re hoping for, you could still make one yourself.

Fill your windows with plants and your favourite decorative pieces, or maybe hang some beautiful natural fabric curtains. Whatever gives you zen. If you have a balcony, make it count. Instead of using it as an additional storage space, transform it into a beautiful cosy nook where you can relax and have your first morning coffee.

3. Fresh air (often forgotten)

Have your windows open throughout the day as much as possible. Have you ever notice how you’re feeling anxious and tired when you spend too much time indoors? It’s due to the lack of fresh air. Your brain and your body need it in order to feel happy, excited and creative.

I am someone who normally keeps the windows open 24/7, but I am reconsidering that decision after spotting a huge (read normal size) spider and giving me a pre heart attack (drama queen here). I might keep it open only while I'm awake and fully aware of what comes in, from now on. :)

However, the most important time frame is in the morning as soon as you wake up (it works almost like an espresso shot) and in the evening before you go to sleep (for a clear head and positive dreams). If you have curtains, I would suggest to open them all the way so the fabric doesn’t obstruct the flow of fresh air.

Get a stylish Air Purifier. When it comes to getting rid of airborne particles, dust, pollen, smoke, odours and mould you might want to get an air purifier. ProBreeze Air Purifier is the super affordable solution with high ratings.

By doing so you will avoid breathing in toxic particles produced by furniture, candles, dust or different materials in general that make our home. Breathing in fresh air improves your immune system and your mood.

Another way of getting oxygen flow is by introducing real plants. Depending on what room, the light and temperature conditions you should choose the plants accordingly. For example, some plants are night-time hard-workers  -  those would be perfect for your bedroom.

At this point I would like to avoid (for once) turning this article into - all about plants kind of post, so if you would like to read more about the plants and how to choose the right ones for particular room in your home, take a look at my previous article focusing purely on indoor plants.

When it comes to getting rid of airborne particles, dust, pollen, smoke, odours, mould and pet dander, you might fancy

What will you do to connect your home with nature?

If you would like to learn more about Biophilic design and other ways you could implement the concept, take a dive into this post.

Are you looking for Eco-Friendly or Sustainable home decor? Take a look at carefully selected beautiful handmade products that can be easily purchased online. Do you need some interior design inspiration for your home? You might find your perfect style within these Mood Boards.

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