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Biophilic Design Online Course Brought to You By Oliver Heath

I partnered up with Oliver Heath - an industry recognised expert in sustainable design, architecture and Biophilic interior design. I only partner with brands that are kind to Earth, and we share the same values.

Biophilic Interior Design Online Course by Oliver Heath. Click on the image to enrol today.

As you might already know, I'm a massive fan of Biophilic and Sustainable Interior design. Anything that helps connect home with nature without harming it. Word Biophilia means the deep-seated need of humans to connect with nature in a meaningful way.

If you're too looking to incorporate nature indoors and design your home for wellbeing, Biophilic Design is the way to go. It has proven benefits, including reducing anxiety, increasing creativity and productivity.

About Biophilic Interior Design Online Course

An introduction to Biophilic Design Course by Oliver Heath: "Over the last 18 months at Oliver Heath Design, we have been working on something extremely exciting that we can finally share with you! We have created an online course – 'Biophilic Design in the Home' – drawing from our own insights and what we've learnt over the past eight years of conducting research, presenting, consulting and practising Biophilic Design."

The aim is to teach anyone who wants to learn more about Biophilic Design, whether you are a designer looking to add another string to your bow, a design enthusiast, or someone interested in helping yourself and others feel happier and healthier. We have so much to offer others who are also striving to enhance health and wellbeing through their work.

Biophilic Design Course Modules

Module 1

An introduction to Biophilic Design and Biophilia, underpinned by research studies and insights into the causes of health and wellbeing issues in our urban environments.

Module 2

An in-depth look at the 14 Patterns of Biophilic Design and how they can be applied through a range of innovative design features.

Module 3

An applied room-by-room approach to Biophilic Design in the home.

Why You Want to Take This Course

The beauty of this online course is its accessibility; you can take it at any time that suits you and your lifestyle, and we have had students signing up from across the globe.

Oliver Heath talks you through each individual lesson with narrated slideshow presentations, and there are optional tasks throughout the course to help consolidate your learning.

What Students Say

We had some fantastic feedback from our 'Oliver Heath Design School Graduates.' One student shared some thoughts: "I thoroughly enjoyed taking this course; the content is so well thought out in easy to digest sections. The step-by-step format makes each pattern of the biophilic design process understandable from science and theory through to implementation in design. I already had a good knowledge of what biophilic design was but taking the course has cemented my learning. Studying with a global expert like Oliver has given me the confidence to make the biophilic design the core of my own design practice."

See more reviews here.

We hope that you, too, will come away with a solid understanding of Biophilic Design by taking the course, armed with all the tools and inspiration you need to incorporate your new skills into your own work, whatever that may be.

Enjoy The Special Offer

Friends of Barbulianno Design are getting 10% off the Level 2: Introduction to Biophilic Design & Biophilic Design in the Home. Use code 'bab10' at checkout.

Biophilic design is so much more than just adding a few plants to your home. If you want to learn how to apply Biophilic Design principles, fundamentally experience nature and create a healthy home - ENROL TODAY.

P.S. We are also working with larger commercial groups to bring Biophilic Design thinking to the whole design team. Special rates, activities and offers are available for this type of enrolment, so please inquire with us.


Eden Goode at Oliver Heath Design.


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Barbulianno x

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