How To Transform Your Garden Into A Beautiful Outdoor Living Room

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Over the last year, our outdoor space has become our second living room, space for relaxation, an outdoor gym, a dining room, you name it. Turning your garden into a beautiful and multifunctional outdoor living room doesn't have to cost a fortune.

You can easily extend your living space into the garden and create a beautiful relaxing oasis or a dining space using a few key pieces. All it takes is a little imagination and planning.

How Can You Create A Beautiful Outdoor Living Room

1. Consider the balance between wildlife and sociable space.

You want your outdoor living room to be full of life. Incorporating a social corner shouldn't compromise on natural beauty. Respect the nature and build your entertaining space around the existing landscape.

2. Measure carefully every corner.

Like any space, you want to make sure you have the measures right before the shopping. Grab a masking tape and mark where you would like large pieces to go. That will allow you to see clearly how much leftover space you have left for a seamless flow.

3. Consider sun-facing direction.

Depending on what is your primary goal in terms of space usage, you should position furniture accordingly. For example, if you mainly use the garden in the morning, you probably want your seating area facing east.

4. Think big.

Choose large furniture pieces first. The same designing process applies to the indoor and outdoor living room. Here you'll need to look at the landscaping as your walls.

5. Weatherproof items are a must.

Like any season, summers can be very unpredictable. To avoid wet surprises, it's worth investing in a quality weatherproof garden sofa, lounge chairs and sturdy dining furniture.

6. Decorate with ease.

If you have your colours speaking through floral, try not to go overboard with decorating a sociable seating area. And the other way around - if your outdoors lacks greenery, try adding a big bunch of blooms as a centrepiece. You could also take advantage of the vertical space and hang a few plants to a garden fence.

7. Cosy up.

The garden is probably one of the most straightforward spaces to deal with when it comes to making it feel cosy. It's enough if you add a string of lights and a fire pit, and it will already make a significant impact. Top it all up with a few cushions and a soft throw blanket, and you've got yourself a perfect heart-warming outdoor living room.

8. Dress your dining table.

The beauty lies in simplicity. Decorate the table with things like a jug filled with your favourite drink, candles, a fruit bowl, a handwoven basket or a fresh bouquet.

9. Increase zen levels with a water feature.

Is there anything more soothing than the sound of moving water? Incorporate a water feature and allow the white noise to wash over you and help with releasing build-up stress.

10. Ground the area with an outdoor rug.

An outdoor rug is great when it comes to visually separating zones and making any space feel cosier. Go for natural fibres like sisal, hemp, jute, and seagrass.

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