12 Ways to Add Personality and Warmth To Your Home

Updated: May 16, 2021

12 Ways to Add Personality and Warmth To Your Home

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So you just moved in, and you're standing in front of an empty house, a blank sheet ready for a work of art. No matter if you're renting or you own the place, you still want to have a cosy home that reflects your personality and feels welcoming.

Then you probably start wondering, how on Earth those homes from magazines always look so damn fine. Is it the lighting? The right stylist? Or perhaps the fact that a professional photographer took the photos?

Shortly after, you slowly start feeling frustrated for not knowing where to start, or how to put all those elements together into one warm, stylish and cohesive home. Sounds familiar? The good news is it's really not that hard. Here, I will cover a few simple ways you could add character to your home.

12 Ways to Add Personality and Warmth To Your Home

No matter what your style is, these following steps will help bring out your personality and make your home feel like a giant hug. And guess what, they are rental-friendly too. ;)

1. Swap The Hardware

New Kitchen Hardware, easy way to add personality to your new home.

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Probably one of the smallest yet extremely effective things you could do. You could add a personal touch to pretty much any doors or furniture. Be sure to measure the size of the old handles that require two wholes and get the ones with the same proportions.

2. Install a Statement Pendant Light

Add personality to your new home with statement pendant light.
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A large pendant light acts as a piece of art. Depending on the layout, a good spot for a ceiling pendant is above the dining table, breakfast bar, entryway or centre of the living room. To make the room feel cosy, I suggest getting a pendant lampshade in natural materials like wood, mycelium or organic textured fabric.


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3. Create Visual Zones

How to add personality in open concept space example.

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If your home has a lot of open space, take advantage of it. For example, you could create a visual separation between the dining area and living room by placing a rug, painting a portion of the wall in contrasting colour, putting a tall tree where one area ends or by installing a wallpaper.

4. Get The Proportions Right

How to get the proportions right and add personality to your home example.

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I got to say size matters. The easiest way to get the proportions right when it comes to furniture is to compliment the bones home already has. For example, tall ceilings and spacious room require larger and tall furniture. Otherwise, the room will feel flat and empty.

And the other way around if you're working with a lower ceiling and limited space get lower profile furniture with simple lines. A smaller room, in particular, feels bigger and airier if you get, for example, a lower sofa with legs.

5. Integrate Texture and Soft Materials

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Add in texture to space with throw pillows, blankets, baskets, and rugs. It's a perfect way to express your personality and play with colours. What's great about textures, it adds depth and cosiness even if you stick to only one colour.

6. Add Artwork

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The best way to express your personality is undoubtedly through art. Choose one wall to be a focal point and create a gallery with your favourite art. If you fancy the idea of making multiple wholes, you could get one large statement piece instead.

7. Incorporate Plants

Add character to your new home with plants.

Plants are, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful and cost-effective ways to add warmth to your home. It's what makes the space feels lived-in; it increases happiness and overall wellbeing.


8. Full-Length Curtains

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The best way to hang curtains is to have them as close to the ceiling as possible and have the bottom part long enough to sweep the floor gently. Curtains add softness, they make the room feel taller, and they're great at turning the spotlight on a window.

I'd suggest staying away from dark and heavy fabric. Instead, increase the natural light with bright colours and natural material like linen.

9. Get a Tall Bookshelf

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