17 Tips to Make your Home feel Cosy and Inviting on a Budget

Updated: Sep 7

I’ve always gravitated towards cosy and warm spaces, much like a fairytale land with lots of candles, layers of soft blankets and of course the fairy lights. Intuitively, very often in order to cosy up our home, we are implementing elements from nature, and more we do so, more it feels like living in a big warm hug of nature.

I'm a firm believer you don't have to spend a fortune on redecorating for every season. It's enough if you do just a few small, thoughtful changes, and it will still make a massive difference. I made for you a list of affordable yet stylish examples on how to make your home cosier by repurposing the things you already own or choosing the new decor pieces wisely.

17 Tips to Create a Warm and Cosy Home:

1. Add texture. Just by adding a few extra soft blankets and cushions in warm colours is the easiest way to instantly warm up the room. Take a look at cognac vegan leather pillow from Etsy as a perfect example:

Vegan Leather Pillow - Busa Designs Decor, Etsy

Add warmth and beauty with this handmade pure linen blanket by Firera:

2. Layer with rugs - even if you choose nothing but one soft wool rug, it will still make a huge difference.

3. Add candles - pick natural scented candles in your favourite scent and colour that compliments the existing decor. This will add warmth and charm to your home, and instantly make a room feel cosier. Make your own stamp with a custom made candle by Ember Sand Roots, Etsy:

4. Fairy lights - I usually keep them out throughout the whole year because why not? :) Not really a hopeless romantic here, just love how it adds magic to a room. Autumn and winter are the perfect time of the year when you can pretty much go overboard with it, and no one will judge you.

5. Make a wall gallery filled with happy memories. Something to keep you smiling on a rainy day. A beautiful wall gallery wit your own photos will not only warm up your home but you soul too.

6. Give your bookshelf a colour boost - add fresh flowers on, get some old books with a colourful cover and place a few candles on top or hang fairy lights on one side ( I know me again with the fairy lights, but I promise it does the trick). Or if you are up for a DIY project, a fresh coat of paint makes a whole lot of difference. I would suggest going for a warmer wood tones - the sustainable oak bookshelf by KONK is a great example:

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7. Upgrade your bedding with layers of soft cotton sheets, a good quality thicker bedding, or a throw with pom-poms. Like this soft Linen bedding set in Cinnamon, Made from softened, OEKO-TEX certified linen fabric by Magic Linen at Etsy:

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8. Add plants. No matter what season, plants always make it feel like your home has a soul. It will make your home feel so lived-in and loved. If you're looking for a fast growing lush green friend, Monstera Deliciosa is the way to go. Have it delivered to your doorstep.

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9. Consider softer lighting. Ceiling pendants made of natural materials can also add to the mood. Take a look at the Rattan Lampshade by Nkuku:

10. Curtains - even though thicker fabric might be your first choice, I believe light sheer curtains are a better choice when it comes to maximising the natural light. It will capture those much shorter days and boosts up your mood just by maximising natural daylight.

11. Rearrange the furniture for entertaining, as you will be spending a good portion of your days indoors, the perfect excuse to invite your friends and family for a glass of mulled wine. Rearrange the soft furniture so it's facing each other with a cosy area rug in the middle and why not - add a few ottomans for extra seating.

12. Faux-fur throw. Place it on the back of the chair, and there you have it a stylish and cosy seating.

13. Incorporate wood. Wood instantly warms a room even if just a hint like adding a few reclaimed wood decor pieces. But if you fancy going more prominent, you could incorporate wood elements like floors, ceiling pendant, wood bench, a coffee table and wood shelving.

14. Choose a warmer paint colour for your walls. Pick milky shades that evoke cosy feelings. Read more about how Colour of your Walls Affects Your Mood.

15. Fluffy bathroom mat. Give your feet a softer dock after a long warm bath with the Hug Rug, 100% organic and sustainable so both your feet and your soul feel good.

16. Add decorative baskets. Search for unique handmade baskets with a rustic, organic look. It can be a fruit basket or a big storage basket to keep a spare blanket.

If you fancy seeing more of Eco-friendly Handmade decor take a look at some of my top picks.

17. New towels. Nothing more comforting than fresh fluffy towels. To keep them nice and soft for longer; what I usually like doing is leaving one towel out as a piece of decor and use the not so pretty ones on daily bases. Yup, that's totally normal. (I could easily be Monica from Friends). :)

Examples on How to Make Every Room Cosy

Now that we have the important bits covered, lets not leave it to imagination and give some real examples (P.S. pay attention to the mentioned elements). Every tip can apply to different interior styles and it will still add the same cosiness factor to each of them.

1. Living Room

2. Bedroom

3. Kitchen

4. Bathroom

5. Entryway

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Once you're done with decorating, make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy your favourite movie under a cosy blanket. Don't forget to enjoy the little things in life.

Have a wonderful week lovelies!



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