17 Tips to Make your Home feel Cosy and Inviting on a Budget

Updated: Apr 27

Hot to create a cosy home on a budget.

I’ve always gravitated towards cosy and warm spaces, much like a fairytale land with lots of candles, layers of soft blankets and of course the fairy lights. Intuitively, very often in order to cosy up our home, we are implementing elements from nature, and more we do so, more it feels like living in a big warm hug of nature.

I'm a firm believer you don't have to spend a fortune on redecorating for every season. It's enough if you do just a few small, thoughtful changes, and it will still make a massive difference. I made for you a list of affordable yet stylish examples on how to make your home cosier by repurposing the things you already own or choosing the new decor pieces wisely.

17 Tips to Create a Warm and Cosy Home

1. Add Texture

Get the Lux Weighted Blanket on melacomfort.co.uk

Adding a few cosy pieces like blankets and cushions in warmer tones is the easiest way to instantly warm up the room. Here are a few examples you can find on Etsy:

Beige Boho Pillow Cover | Monochrome Woven Cushion Cover | Cotton Throw Pillow Cover | Linen Cushion Cover With Tassels

My top four blanket finds on Etsy:

Tassels Blanket in Rust Colour | Beige Moroccan Tassels Blanket | Merino Wool Throw | Waffle Linen Throw Blanket

2. Opt For Soft Rug

Even if you choose nothing but one wool rug, it will still make a world of difference.

3. Add Candles

The smell is everything. It can make you feel certain ways. And choosing the right scent can be overwhelming. Candles are a natural, non-toxic way to add warmth and happiness to your home. My personal fave is anything with Bergamot. It reminds me of summer nights, and nothing can beat that.

This Sagada vegan candle contains notes like pine, cypress and Bergamot, which I naturally gravitate to. If you would like to try it out, you can find it on Wearth London.

4. Fairy lights

I usually keep them throughout the year because why not? Not really a hopeless romantic here; I just love how it adds a sprinkle of magic to the room. Autumn and winter are the perfect time of the year when you can pretty much go overboard with it, and no one will judge you. ;)

5. Make Your Memories Count

Create a beautiful gallery wall with your own photos—something to keep you smiling on rainy days.

6. Style A Bookshelf Like A Pro

If you are looking for one most effective way to cosy up your home, a bookshelf is a great choice. No matter what your vibe is, here are a few elements you could apply to any style: wood tones, real plants, matching book covers, a personal piece of décor, maybe a candle and a string of fairy lights. Read this post if you would like to learn how to style a bookshelf like a designer.

Sustainable Oak Bookshelf by KONK is a great example:

7. Upgrade Your Bedding

Layer soft cotton sheets with a good quality thick bedding or a throw with pom-poms. Whenever possible, opt for eco-friendly fabrics. Something to get you started:

Night Owl, The Fine Bedding Company | Linen Bedding Bundle, Bedfolk | Weighted Blanket, Mela

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8. Add Plants

Regardless of the season, plants always breath in cosiness to your home. Adding plants will not only reduce air toxins but make your home feel lived-in and loved. If you're looking for a fast-growing easy to maintain - Monstera Deliciosa, Pothos or Areca Palm tree are great options.


How to Choose the Best Indoor Plants

Jungle In A Windowless Bathroom, Dream or Reality?

9. Consider Warm Lighting

Light can undoubtedly change the vibe of a room. You can cosy lighting in a few ways - get some lovely lamps, floodlights, ceiling pendants or dimmers. When it comes to the light bulb, the best choice would be a warm white LED light. Take a look at these few pieces:

Volum Lamp, Bombinate | Lumbu Lamp, Nkuku | Balance Lamp by Blott Works

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10. Upgrade Windows with Curtains

To increase natural light, I believe sheer curtains are a perfect choice. It will capture those shorter days and boosts up your mood just by maximising natural daylight. Add softness with natural fabrics like cotton or bamboo.

11. Rearrange The Furniture

The layout can make a room feel cramped if not done right. Create a cosy corner by rearranging the soft furniture facing each other with an area rug in the middle, and why not - add a few ottomans for extra seating.

12. Add Faux-fur Throw

Place it on the back of the chair, and there you have it a stylish reading nook.

13. Incorporate Wood

Wood instantly warms a room, even if adding just a hint with a few reclaimed wood decorative pieces. But if you fancy going more prominent, you could incorporate wood elements throughout with wooden flooring, dining table, ceiling pendant, wood bench, a coffee table or wood shelving.

14. Choose Warmer Tones For The Walls

Pick milky shades that evoke cosy feelings. Colours like off white, beige, rust, cinnamon, tan and similar. Check out Frenchic for Eco-Friendly paint options. Read here about how colour of the walls affects your mood.

15. Add Fluffy Bathroom Mat

Give your feet a softer dock after a long warm bath with the Hug Rug, 100% organic and sustainable so both your feet and your soul feel good.

16. Incorporate Decorative Baskets

Search for handmade baskets with a rustic, organic look. It can be as small as a fruit basket or a big storage basket to keep a spare blanket.

If you fancy seeing more of Eco-friendly Handmade decor take a look at some of my top picks.

17. Upgrade Towels

There is nothing more comforting than fresh fluffy towels. To keep them nice and soft for longer, what I usually like doing is leaving the fancy one out as a decorative piece and use the less pretty ones on daily bases. Yup, that's totally normal. I could easily be Monica from Friends with 11 towel categories, but I'm gonna stop here.

How To Make Each Room Feel Extra Cosy

Now that we have the important bits covered, lets not leave it to imagination and give some real examples (P.S. pay attention to the mentioned elements). Every tip can apply to different interior styles and it will still add the same cosiness factor to each of them.

1. Living Room

If you fancy getting this look, here are a few pieces to get you started:

Ceiling Pendant, Nkuku | Moroccan Rug, Etsy | Handwoven Cotton Throw, Etsy | Tan Cushion, Etsy | Monochrome Cushion Cover, Etsy | African wall baskets, Etsy | Handwoven Rattan Tray, Etsy

2. Bedroom