17 Tips to Make your Home feel Cosy and Inviting on a Budget

Updated: Sep 19

Hot to create a cosy home on a budget.

I've always gravitated toward cosy and warm spaces, much like a fairytale land with lots of candles, layers of soft blankets and, of course, the fairy lights. Intuitively, very often, to cosy up our home, we are implementing elements from nature, and the more we do so, the more it feels like living in a big warm hug of nature.

You don't have to spend a fortune on redecorating for every season. It's enough if you make a few small, thoughtful changes, and it will still make a massive difference. So I made for you a list of affordable yet stylish examples of how to make your home cosier by repurposing the things you already own or choosing the new decor pieces wisely.

17 Tips to Create a Warm and Cosy Home

1. Add Texture

Adding a few cosy pieces like blankets and cushions in warmer neutral tones is the easiest way to instantly warm up the room. Here are a few examples you can find on Etsy:

Beige Boho Pillow Cover | Monochrome Woven Cushion Cover | Cotton Throw Pillow Cover | Cotton Cushion in Rust Orange

If you want to invest in that one evergreen blanket that will suit every season, a piece like the Luxe Weighted Cotton Blanket is a great option. Shop the blanket on aeyla.co.uk

My top four affordable blanket finds on Etsy:

Tassels Blanket in Rust Colour | Beige Moroccan Tassels Blanket | Merino Wool Throw | Waffle Linen Throw Blanket

2. Opt For a Soft Rug

Even if you add only one area rug, it will still significantly impact any room. Choose natural materials like wool, cotton, and jute. It will give the space a relaxed and warm feeling.

Shop the rug on Etsy.

If the room feels too cold, you can always add a pop of warmer colour to create an atmosphere. This hand tufted wool rug in pink will to the trick.

Shop the rug on Wayfair.

3. Add Candles

The smell is everything. It can make you feel certain ways. And choosing the right scent can be overwhelming. Candles are a natural, non-toxic way to add warmth and happiness to your home.

My personal fave is anything with Bergamot. It reminds me of summer nights, and nothing can beat that.

Hand-poured in small batches in Walthamstow, this Aromatherapy Bergamot Soy Candle is bursting with sweet citrus aromas. Shop the candle on Etsy.

If you prefer good old classics like cinnamon or pumpkin notes, this Etsy soy candle might be your new fave:

Shop the candle on Etsy.

4. Fairy lights

I usually keep them throughout the year because why not? Not really a hopeless romantic here; I just love how it adds a sprinkle of magic to the room. Autumn and winter are the perfect time of the year when you can pretty much go overboard with it, and no one will judge you. ;)

Shop the teardrop fairy lights on Etsy.

If you are looking for even more magic and bring the stars closer, starburst fairy lights are the way to go.

5. Make Your Memories Count

Create a beautiful gallery wall with your own photos—something to keep you smiling on rainy days. To make your memories pop, opt for frames in natural wood or white colour frames.

Shop the solid wood frame set on Etsy.

6. Style A Bookshelf Like A Pro